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Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made of wood rescued and recycled from different sources. Charming beauty of wood brought back from the past to share its history, and express its wonderful appreciation of passing time, is no longer forgotten. It appears in Majestic North collection to delight enthusiasts of hardwood flooring with a character.

Uniqueness of each and every board allows an unlimited creativity.



Reclaimed wood is very beautiful, taking many years to build up a deep patina and rich colour.  It has a rustic appearance with saw marks, blemishes, and nail holes.  Not only does it look stunning, it is strong and deals well with high traffic and heavy impacts. The real beauty and style of genuine aged flooring is enhanced with oil finishes, providing protection and a natural feel.

For people searching for the one of a kind, warm, cozy, rustic look, reclaimed wood flooring is the perfect choice.


Buying a reclaimed wood floor gives many environmental benefits; most importantly saving forests to be enjoyed by us, and the future generations.

Product Advantages

• Gives an incredible look

• Dimensionally stable

• Very hard and durable

• Finished with natural oils

• No VOC

• Provides environmental benefits of recycling


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