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Prefinished Hardwood Floor Structural Warranty:


Majestic North Floors Inc. warrants to the original purchaser, that its product original manufactured and purchased condition will be free from milling defects and delaminating for 25 years.

Damage, if any, sustained by the flooring material due to improper transportation, handling, storage, installation, and any other cause is not covered by this warranty.

As per industry standards, Majestic North Floors Inc. reserves the right for a 5% tolerance allowance which is not covered under this warranty.


Wear Layer Warranty:


Subject to the exceptions and exclusions otherwise set out in this document, Majestic North Floors Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that, under normal use conditions, the finish wear layer of our prefinished hardwood flooring will not wear through or peel from the wood for 25 years calculated from the day of purchase.


This warranty is valid provided that regular maintenance of the floor is performed on a regular basis and the floor is properly installed in accordance with this document.

This warranty is limited to the repair, refinishing, or replacement of the defective boards.



Oil, Hard Wax Oil, and Hard Wax finishes:


Majestic North Floors Inc. offers oil and hard wax finishes that have different properties than traditional surface adhesion coating. Because the oil penetrates the floor and then hardens, oil finishes protect the surface from within and will not crack, peel or flake. Hard wax oils make the wear layer water repellent and dirt-resistant. Natural oil finish has a great surface density and therefore is very resistant to abrasive movements. Any small damages are easily repaired with some maintenance oil without the need to sand the whole floor.


Oiled floors should be maintained regularly-normally once a year, but more often when it comes to floors exposed to extremely hard wear. The maintenance may be done only partially. Cleaning of oiled and waxed floors should be done with products designed to clean this type of surfaces only. Natural Cleaning Soap cleans dirt and old soap while at the same time leaving a new protective soap layer. Our recommendation would be to clean with Maintenance Oil that combines optimum cleaning with a simultaneous re-application of oil. For more information on maintenance care for all oiled or waxed surfaces, please refer to the web site for the finish of your choice.



Important information:


Hardwood floors are manufactured under industry standards. Customers are advised to purchase 5-10% more than the total square footage required for the application, in order to cover for an installation waste.


All pieces must be inspected before actual installation and any piece which does not meet the installer’s/owner’s personal standard must not be installed. Pieces not installed because of appearance, length, or personal subjective standards are not considered defective.

The installer is considered to be the final grader and to have the final responsibility to determine which pieces are actually installed.

It is the customers’ responsibility to inspect all products before installing, as all installed pieces are deemed accepted.

Defective material may be replaced, however no cost for labour will be assumed.


Hardwood floors must be installed over industry standard sub-floors and underlay which, as a minimum standard, must be 5/8” A.P.A. approved C.S.P./D.F.P. plywood C.O.F.I. stamped, 23/32” or thicker O.S.B. underlay grade PS2-92, or 5/8” tongue and groove boards. No warranty is extended to any floor which uses particleboard as a sub-floor or which has tape applied on the finished flooring.


General warranty exclusions:


This warranty will be void in the event that any replacement or repairs were conducted without a written approval from Majestic North Floors Inc.


This warranty does not extend to or cover scratches, dents or any other damage caused by improper handling, installation, water damage, fire, furniture on the floor, shoes, pets, and insects.

This warranty does not cover any damage due to neglect, environmental extremes, or improper storage. Checking caused by improper moisture control is not covered by this warranty as all wood floors will expand and contract with the change of seasons. Discolorations due to variations in the exposure to sunlight are also not covered under this warranty.

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